We are a non-profit organization that provides mental health care and rehabilitative health services through clinical therapy and targeted case management in the San Diego, Spring Valley, National City, and surrounding areas.

Become a Client

If you or someone in your care is in need of Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services, LOTUS might be the perfect fit! We take a personal, client-centered approach to mental health care.  We treat each of our clients with integrity and accountability.

At LOTUS, we find that our clients thrive under our unique approach. We are passionate about truly helping  you succeed despite your circumstances.

Business Partnerships

The demand for care providers that can handle treatment of mental health and behavioral disorders is ever increasing in southern California. LOTUS is uniquely equipped to handle these needs and is actively seeking business partnerships to expand our reach and yours. 

Through research partnerships, contractual agreements, or collaborative agreements that provide ongoing support, LOTUS is ready to partner with your agency to provide lasting and positive change to the community.

Our Services

  • Community-Centered Targeted Case Management (TCM) Services
  • Community-Based Individual & Group Advocacy
  • Community-Based Behavioral Modification
  • Community-Centered Assessments & Therapeutic Interventions
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psychiatric Re-Assessment
  • Medication Support
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • iPromise

More About LOTUS

In 2011 ,Walker’s Personal Care Facility became LOTUS Behavioral Health and Rehabilitative Services (LOTUS BHRS® Inc.). Walker’s Personal Care Facility was founded in 1975 by Catherine Walker, for the benevolent purpose of strengthening her community through residency and personal care of people with mental health disabilities. The need for supportive mental health services has increased over the past 30 years, and LOTUS BHRS® Inc. has prepared new treatment modalities to model our programs and carry out Catherine Walker's original vision for the community.


Our history is focused on personal care and residency. Under new professional leadership, LOTUS BHRS decided to implement a thoughtful plan to expand its reach and the growing needs of children, adolescents, adults, and their families with mental health disparities. Our core values--Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability, Organization, and Productivity--allow us to operate with a standard of excellence in our quality of services and enables us to restore stability, integrity, and confidence in our recipients.