We offer a personal, focused, and long-term approach to mental health care services.

LOTUS helps you become the best version of yourself by helping you reach goals and make life altering changes needed for lasting effects. We do this through a powerful set of services designed with you in mind.



From psychiatry to clinical counseling, LOTUS takes care of every one of our clients. We will connect you with resources you didn't even know you had access to and help you do things you never thought possible.

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We believe in making our environment warm and welcoming. We believe in relationally connecting humans with humans to provide real support that substantially changes lives. We're here to help, committed to the community, and genuinely want to help you succeed.

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Integrity is one of our core principles. We believe in everything that we do, and we stand behind it 100%. Following through on our word is an every day routine at LOTUS. You can count on us to be there for you when you need us most.

Targeted Case Managment

 Get support you need

 Make goals that matter

 Track real progress

 Celebrate victories

Live a better life

Our Targeted Case Management (TCM) is one of our most important services. It is how we provide you on-going support and care. It is how we create and track goals to generate lasting change in your life. If you enter our TCM program, you will be paired with a LOTUS professional that will be there to support you for the long haul, and celebrate the victories you make along the way. They will help you reach your goals, connect you with services, and provide the difference you need to get ahead.

LOTUS is Different

We don't believe in treating a person like just another patient, nor do we believe in rigid robotic processes. At LOTUS, you will find a warm team that is invested in your success and will be there when you need them.

It's what mental health care should be like.

Clinical Behavioral Health Services


 Clinical Therapy

 Personalized Care

The Clinical portion of our BHRS program provides advanced mental health care through clinical therapy and psychiatric treatment. It uses personalized care based on the leading Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Model, which has been shown to produce successful results and improve client outcomes. Through our BHRS program, you will receive advanced training to overcome life's greatest challenges, and will work with a psychiatrist to supplement your needs with medication, as needed.

LOTUS is Flexible

We provide the care you need, in the location you need it, and in the setting that is most beneficial to you.

BHRS Meets You Where You Are

We provide our health care services in multiple locations. Our California office in La Jolla serves as a base, but we provide  in-home and community based care wherever you are!

Individual, Family, and Group Therapies

LOTUS uses a variety of counseling services, and our treatment is customized to meet your needs. Your treatment setting and the persons participating in counseling with you will be dependent upon what is most beneficial to your growth. From family therapy in the home to group therapy in schools, LOTUS provides care and support that makes a difference.

Home, School, Community, and Outpatient Settings

Our case management takes place in different settings depending on the need. We regularly provide services in our clients' homes and communities. This may include
connecting you to educational, mental and physical health, drug and alcohol, housing, legal, and support group resources.

Target Areas near San Diego, California

As we seek to provide the greatest impact, we are focus on these key locations in California: Spring Valley, National City, Escondido, El Cajon, City Heights, Lemon Grove, National City, and several other surrounding areas.

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