LOTUS Services

Mental Health Therapy

LOTUS provides an array of mental health services that are designed to help you be successful and independent. We use research driven methods, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and collaborative counseling approaches, to improve the lives of our clients and the community.  

Our core principles--Integrity, Accountability, Productivity, Responsibility, Organization and --allow us to provide a quality of service that leaves our clients not only living a better life, but feeling cared for. 

BHRS Lotus Meets You Where You Are

We provide our health care services in multiple locations. Our California office in La Jolla serves as a base, but we provide care wherever you are!

Individual, Family, and Group Therapies

Our mental health services are tailored to meet the needs of your personal situation. We customize treatment settings and who will be included in counseling sessions with our clients, depending upon what is most beneficial to each individual client.  From family therapy in the home to group therapy in schools, LOTUS provides care and support that makes a difference.

Home, School, Community, and Outpatient Settings

Our case management takes place in different settings depending upon the need. We regularly provide services in our clients' homes and communities. This may include
connecting our clients to educational, mental and physical health, drug and alcohol, housing, legal, and support group resources. Our school based services focus on, drop-out rates, truancy and other important metrics to make an impact.

Target Areas near San Diego California

As we seek to provide the greatest impact, we are focus on these key locations in California: Spring Valley, National City, Escondido, El Cajon, City Heights, Lemon Grove, National City, and several other surrounding areas.

Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Our Targeted Case Management (TCM) Program helps our clients move from one phase of their life to another.

TCM ensures that each member returning to his or her community will become independent of Adult Supportive Services. We work with our clients to make sure they are not faced with barriers to autonomy and to ensure they continue to become thriving success stories.

We help by tracking transitions and assisting clients to prepare for this process, as well as accomplishing goals. The result is lasting, successful autonomy that produces a positive change not only in our clients but in the community.

Get support you need

You'll be paired with a Case Manager from LOTUS that will help you with everything related to our services. Whether it's connecting you with resources, or helping you complete your goals - we'll be there.

 Make goals that matter

One of the best ways to make progress is to set goals. We help you set goals that matter, in order to become an autonomous and successful individual.

 Track real progress

Sometimes you can lose sight of how far you've come. Your case manager will help you accomplish and track goals, so you can see real progress.

 Celebrate victories

Our effective methods help you make real progress. You can be sure that we will be there for the victory lap with you.

Live a better life

All of our services are designed to help you become autonomous and successful despite whatever situation you are in - it's about living a better life.

Clinical Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS)

The Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) program is designed to provide a broad network of support for those who struggle with mental and behavioral health challenges. Working within the home and community BHRS helps clients connect to various services that are aimed to increase stability, while also managing the client's behavioral challenges within the context of school, and community.

We currently have programs and services that cater to youth and adults, with the ultimate goal of having these persons return to their communities to thrive. These programs are provided on a long-term basis for persons who are transitioning and are between 6 and 29 years of age.


We provide mental health diagnoses and prescribe medication when necessary, in order to help you start and keep a routine for long term stability.

Clinical Therapy

We use leading clinical techniques and provide therapy to help you be a better you.

Personalized Care

No one likes to be treated like another patient. We believe in creating a welcoming environment, with a personalized touch to clinical services.


iPROMISE® Student Learning Center is here to offer Healthy, Safe and Affordable alternative learning environments across four cities for students engaging in online virtual learning for Academic Year 2020/21. 

iPROMISE® program is an on-site Student Learning and Emotional Support Center across several locations throughout the cities of Baltimore, MD, Chester, PA, San Diego, CA and Wilmington, DE. We offer supported learning environments for Math, English, Language Arts for students K-12th grades to include students with special needs and may be at risk of loss learning, academic underachievement and disengagement from virtual learning modules.


Children With Autism

Emotional Support


Children With Special Needs

Children With IEP'S

Educational Support