a Non-Profit Behavioral Health Organization

in the County of San Diego, California.

About Lotus

We offer rehabilitative mental health care services to children, adolescents, adults, and their families using cutting edge treatment methods that produce lasting changes in the lives of our clients. We are a certified minority owned non-profit behavioral health enterprise that hopes to change the community of the San Diego area by utilizing the best methods, in the right settings. Join us.

Clinical Therapy

We use research-based clinical therapy and psychiatry to treat our clients' mental health needs and behavioral disorders.

Targeted Case Managment

Targeted Case Managment (TCM) is how we manage and track our clients' goals. By connecting our clients to needed resources and supports, TCM is one of the essential tools that help us  improve client outcomes and produce lasting change.

Cutting Edge Treatment Methods

Lotus uses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). This cutting edge therapy model has  been supported by research and found to have many benefits over the more commonly used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Multiple Settings

We provide a variety of treatment modalities in-home, school, community, and outpatient settings. In addition to our targeted case management and psychiatric support, LOTUS provides individual, family, and group therapies, depending upon our cliens'' unique needs. We are intentionally flexible, in order to produce the best possible results for our clients.

Business Opportunities

As time goes on, the need for Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services in California is ever increasing. Hundreds of thousands of Californians will have the opportunity to receive these services once they become newly covered under Medicaid. With your help, LOTUS can fill this need.

Newly Covered Californians

There will be millions of newly covered Californians through Medicaid Expansion or Health Insurance.

Have Mental Illnesses

Thousands of these newly covered Californians will have serious mental illnesses that require mental health services.

Psychological Distress

Even more will have serious psychological distress and will be in need of a care provider with clinical therapy capabilities.

Substance Abuse

More than a half of a million of these newly covered Californians will have a substance abuse disorder and could benefit from BHRS.

Available for Subcontracting

LOTUS offers contract partnerships to health care agencies and non-profit organizations. Let LOTUS handle your behavioral health services from start to finish. We make a point to integrate into the systems we work with, in order to make transitions seamless. We see the overwhelming need for effective and holistic care, and believe business partnerships are the answer for strategic change.

Ready to Take The Next Step With LOTUS?

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